The mythical King Erichthonius of Dardania and Batia (died c. 1368 BC) was the son of Dardanus or Darda, King of Dardania, and Batia, (although some legends say his mother was Olizone). Erichthonius became king of Dardania when his elder brother Ilus died childless. Homer called him "the richest man on earth", because he inherited kingdoms from both his father and his mother's father.

Erichthonius' wealth came from his horses, who were said to be wondrous. Erichtonius received the horses from Zeus as compensation for his son Ganymede.

Family Tree of Aeneas

Erichthonius of Dardania

Dardanus, in turn, was father to a son,
king Erichthonius, and he became
the richest of all mortals, possessing          ]
three thousand horses grazing in the fens,
all mares happy with their foals.  Then North Wind
fell in love with them as they pastured there.
Taking on the form of a dark stallion,
he copulated with them.  They conceived,
delivering twelve foals.  When these foals played, 
running across the fertile farmland, they'd skim
the highest ears of corn and never break them,
or they'd race across the sea's broad back,
gliding the surface of the breaking waves.
This Erichthonius had a son Tros,
who ruled the Trojans, and Tros then fathered 
three outstanding sonsIlus, Assaracus,
and godlike Ganymede, the handsomest man
among all mortal men, so beautiful,
gods kidnapped him and made him cup bearer  
to Zeus himself, so he'd live among immortals.

Illiad, 20.221-9.

His son and heir by Astyoche or Callirhoe was Tros, the eponym of the Trojans and the Troad.


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