Byzantine Empire, Books

Byzantine empresses: women and power in Byzantium, AD 527-1204, Lynda Garland

Byzantium: the Imperial centuries, AD 610-1071, Romilly James Heald Jenkins

A history of the Byzantine state and society, Warren T. Treadgold

Oxford History of Art, Byzantine art, Robin Cormack

The Art of the Byzantine Empire 312-1453: sources and documents, Cyril Mango

Reconstructing the reality of images: Byzantine material culture and Religious Iconography 11th - 1th Centuries, Maria G. Parani

The warrior saints in Byzantine art and tradition, Christopher Walter

The portrait in Byzantine illuminated manuscripts, Iohannis Spatharakis

Byzantium at war: AD 600-1453, John F. Haldon

Romano-Byzantine armies 4th-9th centuries, David Nicolle

Byzantine Infantryman: Eastern Roman Empire C.900-1204, Timothy Dawson,Angus McBride

Byzantine armies, 886-1118, Ian Heath,Angus McBride

Medieval siege weapons: Byzantium, the Islamic world & India AD 476-1526, David Nicolle, Sam Thompson

Byzantium and the Crusades, Jonathan Harris

Byzantium viewed by the Arabs, Nadia Maria El-Cheikh

Emperor and priest: the imperial office in Byzantium, Gilbert Dagron

Hellenism in Byzantium: the transformations of Greek identity and the reception of the Classical Tradition, Anthony Kaldellis

Being Byzantine, Greek Identity Before the Ottomans

The Middle Ages in the Athenian Agora, Alison Frantz

Constantinople 1453: the end of Byzantium, David Nicolle, Christa Hook

The Cambridge History of the Byzantine Empire


Master builders of Byzantium, Robert G. Ousterhout


A Byzantine settlement in Cappadocia, Robert G. Ousterhout

Cave Monasteries of Byzantine Cappadocia, Lyn Rodley


Sacred song from the Byzantine pulpit: Romanos the Melodist, R. J. Schork

Byzantine Pilgrimage Art, Gary Vikan

Cambridge History of Christianity Vol 5 - Eastern Christianity

Images of the Byzantine World: Visions Messages and Meanings, Angeliki Lymberopoulou

Dreambooks in Byzantium: six oneirocritica in translation, with commentary and introduction, Steven M. Oberhelman


Medieval and modern Greek, Robert Browning


Crusader Castles in Cyprus, Greece and the Aegean 1191-1571, David Nicolle, Adam Hook


The Chronicle of Theophanes (Byzantium 602-813 A.D.)

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