Medieval Byzantine Greek Warfare

Michael Lahanas

Byzantinische Armee, Kriegstechnik

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  • The Economic History of Byzantium: From the Seventh through the Fifteenth Century: Ships (PDF File)


    Kekaumenos , Greco-Armenian author of the Strategicon

    Constantine and the distribution of soldiers in the Empire ( A location science problem)

    The Byzantine Generals Problem (PDF File) (1.2 MB)

    The Organisation and Support of an Expeditionary Force: Manpower and Logistics in the Middle Byzantine Period

    Medieval Sourcebook: Al-Baladhuri: The Battle Of The Yarmuk (636) and After

    John Skylitzes ( Ιωάννης Σκυλίτζης), SYNOPSIS HISTORION The Battle of Kleidion, 29 July 1014

    Skylitzes Military Images

    Kremasmata, Kabadion, Klibanion: Some aspects of middle Byzantine military equipment reconsidered


    Soldier of Middle Byzantine Period, from Hosios Lukas

    Reconstructions of the armour of Romans, Crusaders and Muslims.

    Roman archery

    Reproductions of the weapons Romans, Crusaders and Muslims

    Ancient Greek Military Technology (Armor, Ships, Catapults, Polybola, Siege and Radiation Weapons, Links)

    (The Catapults were developed first in ancient Greece and the literature of Philo of Byzantium, Heron of Alexandria was an important source in Byzantium)

    Reports in German

    Logistik Historie und Zukunft (logistike techne and military, Alexander, Byzantium, etc..) some remarks