Part 1 - Ancient Greece

Michael Lahanas

Portraits and Biographies (Prosopographia Hellenica)

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More than 1700 biographies (or comments) "about 1-2 % of the number of known names of ancient Greeks from various sources". Latin versions of names used.

Part 1

Ab- Alb

Abas (sophist)
Abron or Habron

Acanthus, from Lacedaemon

Achaeus the son of Andromachus
Achaeus of Eretria
Achaeus of Syracuse

Achilles, twearing a so-called composite cuirass, image from a 460-450 BC red figure amphora (the artist is the so-called Achilles Painter), Vatican Museum, inv. 16571.

Achilles Painter
Achilles Tatius (Αχιλλεύς Τάτιος)
Achilleus of Alexandria, stadion race winner 101 AD
Acusilaus of Argos
Acusilaus of Cyrene, stadion race winner 120 BC
Adeimantus , the son of Ariston and the brother of Plato
Adeimantus , the son of Ocytus
Adeimantus, the son of Leucophilides
Adeimantus, father of Aristeus, from Corinth
Adrianus of Tyre
Aeacides of Epirus
Aeantides, son-in-law of the tyrant Hippias
Aegimus of Velia
Aeithales of Alexandria, stadion race winner 165 AD
Aelius Aristides
Aelius Herodianus
Aelianus Tacticus
Aelius Theon
Aeneas of Stymphalus
Aenesias, Spartan Ephor
Aenesidemus of Cnossus
Aenicus (Ainikos)
Aeoladas, father of Pagondas, from Thebes

Aeschines of Elis, stadion race winner 760 BC
Aeschines Glaucias of Miletus, stadion race winner 17 AD

Aeschylides of Ceos

"There are no tragedies, just facts not recognized in time." William D. Montapert, but is this not a tragedy ?.

Aeschylus (Αισχύλος)
Aeschylus of Cnidus
Aeschylus of Rhodes
Aesion, orator (contemporary of Demosthenes)
Aeson, envoy to Lacedaemon, from Argos

Aesop of Arabia, Lokman; and Nasser (fifth century).
Aesop of England, John Gay (1688-1732).
Aesop of France, Jean de la Fontaine (1621-1695).
Aesop of Germany, Gotthold Ephraim Lessing (1729-1781).
Aesop of India, Bidpay or Pilpay (third century BC). Cobham Brewer

Aesop, ( Aisopos, Αἴσωπος, Αίσωπος ),

Aetion of Amphipolis
Agallis of Corcyra
Agariste of Sicyon

Agatharchidas of Sparta

Sextus Pompeius Gem of Agathangelos

Agatharchides (Αγαθαρχίδης )
Agatharchus (Αγάθαρχος)
Agatharchus of Corcyra, stadion race winner 536 BC
Agathedaemon of Alexandria

This man (Agathocles) became tyrant and, as Timaeus says, in his early youth was a common prostitute, ready [to give himself] to the most debauched, a jackdaw, a buzzard, presenting his backside to all who wanted it. (Suda)

Agathocles, tyrant of Syracuse
Agathocles (son of Lysimachus)
Agathocles of Bactria
Agathocles of Egypt

Agathon of Macedonia
Agathopus of Aegina, stadion race winner 173 and 177 AD

Agelaus, son of Acnonius

Agemachus of Cyzicus, stadion race winner 192 BC
Agesidamus of Epizephyrian Lokris, boxing boys, Olympia ode 10 of Pindar
Agesandridas Lacedaemonian commander
Agesilaus being invited once to hear a man who admirably imitated the nightingale, he declined, saying he had heard the nightingale itself. Plutarch Life of Agesilaus II.

Agesilaus II (Xenophon Agesilaus)
Agesippidas, Lacedaemonian commander
Agesipolis I
Agesipolis II

Agis I ('Αγις Α')
Agis II ('Αγις Β')
Agis III ('Αγις Γ' )
Agis IV ('Αγις Δ' ), Plutarch's Agis
Agis of Elis, stadion race winner 572 BC
Agnodorus of Cyzicus, stadion race winner 140 BC

Agoracritus, Reconstruction of the frieze at the base of the statue of Nemesis

Agrippa the Astronomer
Agrippa the Sceptic

Aison,Vase painter

Albinus, 2nd century AD, Hellenistic philosopher, Middle Platonism

Ab- Alb , Alc- An , Ap- Are, Arg- Az

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