Cablenet is a privately-owned telecommunications carrier which operates a national Hybrid Fibre Coaxial network and a cutting-edge national intra-city fiber backbone. It is a direct competitor of CYTA and PrimeTel. Its portfolio of services includes television, internet and telephony (triple-play).

Its current channel line up includes: CyBC 1, CyBC 2, MEGA, ANT1, Sigma, ERT SAT, TCM, Star Movies, Star World, Eurosport Cyprus, Eurosport News, ESPN, Reality TV, Discovery Channel, Discovery Science, Civilisation and Travel, UKTV, CNN, BBC World, Euronews, Bloomberg Europe, MCM, Rage TV, Countdown, Mezzo, Fashion TV, Moda, BBC Prime, Orti, VOX, Italia 1, TV5 Europe, TVE International, Parliament TV, Magic TV, Extra 3.

Internet Connectivity

CableNet currently offers packages of 2Mbit/s , 4Mbit/s and 10Mbit/s only.

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