METRO (supermarket, Cyprus)

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METRO is one of the leading supermarket chains in Cyprus. It currently operates with 3 stores in Nicosia and 1 store in Larnaca.


In October 1982, METRO Foods Trading Ltd was established with its first hypermarket in Larnaca. The new and very modern at the time store became the stepping stone of Cyprus’s supermarket development with many innovations like computer systems at tills, electronic stock control, an ordering system- the first in the Middle East- and upgraded equipment in all departments .

Throughout the years the course was marked by continuous upgrading with main focus on customer service, the development of a friendly human environment, the quality check on products and competing prices. To accomplish this, the company leaned on human resources of which the company feels great pride, as well as on the very good and honest relationships built with suppliers and rest of associates.

Cyprus's entry in the EU presented a new challenge of upgrading in all fields in order to be able to compete with the European chains that started appearing in Cyprus. Installation of latest technology, modernisation of building facilities and equipment and constant training are the keys of the whole effort.

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