Sculpture Park, Limassol

Sculpture Park in Molos, Limassol

It includes works of the Greek artists Manolis Tsombanakis, Vassilis Vassili, Kostas Dikefalos, Georgios Tsaras, Georgios Houliaras, Kyriakos Rokos , Christos Riganas , the Greek Cypriot artists Maria Kyprianou, Kyriakos Kallis, Helene Black and Nikos Kouroussiis , Saadia Bahat from Israel and the artists Victor Bonato (Germany) and Ahmet El-Stoahy (Egypt).

The Sculpture Park was inaugurated by the former President of Cyprus Tassos Papadopoulos
on October 9, 2003, during Demetris Kontides Term as Mayor of Limassol


002, 003, Maria Kyprianou,

Victor Bonato, Ahmed El-Stoahy, Theodoros Papagiannis,

Helene Black, Manolis Tzombanakis, 010,

Christos Riganis, Saadia Bahat, Kostas Dikefalos,

Vassilis Vassili, Nikos Kouroussiis, Georgios Houliaras,


Nadia Anaxagorou, The sculpture Park in Limassol

Images Cyprus, Limassol District

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