Ormidhia or Ormideia or Ormidia {Greek: ) is a village in Larnaca District in south-eastern Cyprus. It is one of two villages completely surrounded by the British Sovereign Base Area of Dhekelia the other is Xylotymvou. It is administed by the internationally recognized government of Cyprus, i.e. the Republic of Cyprus.

Area: 21,378Km2

Year Population
1946 968
1960 1470
1982 3248
1992 3682
2001 3960

Park in Ormidhia, Photo : Augusta Stylianou Artist

Ormidhia with many refugee tents in 1974 the year of the invasion of the Turkish army and the occupation of North Cyprus,

Municipal district president Panagiotis Pouis, with objects from the ancient settlements in Ormidia

Photo : Augusta Stylianou Artist

Objects from the ancient settlements in Ormidia

Oinochoe from the region of Ormideia, Metropolitan Museum New York

Other Images from Ormidhia

I dedicate these photographs to the memory of Dimitris Poui who I admired for his will and his patience and who died prematurely. Augusta Stylianou

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Images Cyprus, Larnaca District

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