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Ιερός ναός Αγίου Βασιλείου, Στρόβολος

Agios Vasileios Church. Strovolos

Strovolos (Στρόβολος ) is a municipality of Nicosia. With a population of 70,000, it is the second biggest municipality of Cyprus, after Limassol, and the biggest municipality of Nicosia. It was established in 1986.

Strovolos is now a sprawling city covering 25 Km2 and is divided into six parishes: Chryseleousa, Ayios Demetrios, Apostle Barnabas and Ayios Makarios, Ayios Vasilios, National Martyr Kyprianos and Stavros.

Since its establishment, Strovolos had attached a great deal of importance to culture. The municipality has its own Library and Geography Museum, and runs a Municipal Choir with 60 singers, and a Children’s Theatre Workshop.

With a view to developing sport, an area in which Strovolos has deep roots and a long tradition, the Municipality recently established the Municipal Sport Centre, which, among other facilities, includes basketball courts, football pitches and tennis courts. Also the city has a good basketball team, Keravnos which has won several trophies in Cyprus.

The Municipality also has recreation areas, with green parks, which beautify and transform the entire area. Strovolos currently has 35 organized green areas with amphitheatres, lakes, fountains, children’s playgrounds, etc.

Strovolos Municipality has also played a pioneering role in other areas such as social services, with the establishment of a club for the elderly where specialized staff provide care for the elderly, as well as youth clubs for the recreation and education of primary school children. In addition, various events are organized to collect money for persons in need. In the field of health, the services offered include a comprehensive preventative medierne program for primary school children.


There are references to Strovolos or Strovilos as early as the Middle Ages from the well-known medieval chronicler Leontios Makhairas and from Florius Boustronius a little later. According to these sources, Strovolos was a royal field during the years of Frankish Rule. A major and definitive figure in the history of Strovolos was the National Martyr, Archbishop Kyprianos, who during the 1821 Revolution, contributed greatly to the preservation of the Greek spirit and Christianity. The Turks hanged Archbishop Kyprianos and other high priests and dignitaries of Cyprus on 9th July 1821.

Strovolos evolved into its present from after the tragic events of 1974, when Turkey invaded Cyprus and occupied 38% of the island’s territory. This led to the settlement of many refugees within the Municipality.

Administration and Economy

The Municipal Council consists of 27 members: The Mayor and 26 Municipal Councilors. Savvas Eliofotou is the Strovolos' Mayor and Andreas Constantinou the Deputy Mayor.

The Mayor chairs Council Meetings and as the executive organ of the Municipality heads the service. To facilitate the work of the Council, the following committees have been set up:

Administrative Committee, Technical Committee, Public Health and Sanitation Committee, Personnel Committee, Cultural Committee, Environment Committee, Sport and Youth Committee, Public Relations Committee. Social Welfare Committee, Road Safety Committee, Refugee Affairs Committee, Tenders Committee, Planning and Studies Committee for the Sewage System, the Creation of a Small Industries Zone and the Construction of Pedestrian Streets, in pursuance of clause 17 of Cap.96.

The Municipal Service consists of 74 employees and 103 laborers. The Municipal Secretary is the General Director of the Municipality. The Service is divided into the following Services/Departments, each of which has its own head of Department.

Administrative Service, Financial Service, Technical Service, Constructions Department, Town Planning Department (development licenses) – Planning Permission and Division of Land Department, Gardens and Green Areas Department, Public Health Department, Sanitation Department, Cultural Activities Department.

The Municipality’s revenues come from Municipal taxes, fees for various services, and state subsidies. These resources are limited and are insufficient to meet the Municipalities needs. It is essential that the state increase the subsidy provided so that the Municipality can make its developmental programs a reality.

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