Nicosia Old General Hospital

Nicosia Old General Hospital
Place Nicosia (Cyprus)
Care System Social Security
Hospital Type General
Affiliated University None
Emergency Dept. Yes
Beds Unknown
Founded 1936
Closed 2006
Website None
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The decision for erecting a purpose built general hospital in Nicosia was taken during the British colonial administration of Cyprus in 1936.[1] It was inaugurated on the 14th of April 1939 by the then British governor Richard Palmer. This coincided with the breakout of World War II and many British and Cypriot soldiers were transported there, away from the front line, for recovery. Cyprus escaped the fighting, apart from the occasional German bombing raid.

The hospital served as a tertiary referral centre for most disciplines. Over time and with scientific and medical advances, it became apparent that the hospital premises were not fit for purpose. A Nicosia New General Hospital was constructed in the suburb of Latsia and was delivered in 2006. The last remaining patients were transferred over and the old hospital closed its emergency department on the 8th of October 2006, after 67 years of operation having treated millions of patients.

The fate of the old building has recently been surrounded by controversy. It lies in the centre of Nicosia on prime real estate and surrounded by dense eucalyptus woodland. The Cyprus Green Party has been campaigning for the building’s preservation as it is considered as one of the few remaining examples of colonial architecture. [2]


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