Joannis Avramidis

Figur I, 1959, Joannis Avramides

Joannis Avramidis (Iωάννης Aβραμίδης) is a Greek-Austrian sculptor. He was born in Batumi, Georgia in 1922.

He studied in Batumi and later at Fritz Wotruba in Vienna.He became a professor at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and from 1966 in Hamburg. In 1962 he represented Austria at the Venice Biennale.

Joannis Avramidis , Wiesbaden, Joannis Avramidis, Bamberg, Dreiergruppe für Agora" , Heilbronn

Otterlo/The Netherland, Polis, Berlin, Figure III , Österreichischer Skulpturenpark,

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