Imerovigli, Santorini

Imerovigli, Photo Klearchos P. Kapoutsis

Imerovigli is a village (alt. c. 300 m) of Santorini. It is located 3 km SW of Fira.

The population was 467 in 2001.

After the conquer of Constantinople in 1204 by the crusaders Venetians with Marco Sanudo conquered 1207 Santorini. It was Marco Sanudo who named the island Santorini after a church of Agia Eirini (Santa Irini). He and his family ruled the island with some interruptions until 1383.

In Skaros the old capital of Santorini the castle of Skaros was build

It was destroyed in 1650 by the so-called Kolombos vulcanic eruption. Only some ruins remained.

Due to the altitude it offers a supervision of the island and the surrounding region and therefore the village was called Imerovigli , i.e. "day watch".


Imerovigli has many churches such as Theoskepasti, also known from a work of the author Ilias Venezis. The church Panagia Malteza (or Naos ton eisodion tis Theotokou) was according to a legend named after a captain of a ship, Theodoros Borlis from Imerovigli, found an icon near the island Malta. The church from the 19th century was rebuild after it was destroyed by the earthquake of 1956.


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