Greek Dance

Maleviziotis (Kastrinos Pidihtos), Crete

Hasapiko Smyrneiko

Tsamikos from Roumeli (Central Greece / Sterea Ellada )

Pentozalis ("To Pentozali "the 5th step considered to represent some numbered attempt for Cretan independence associated with the hero Daskalogiannis), Crete ( a short report about Cretan Dances )

Trizalis ( a Cretan dance)

Balos, Aegean Sea

Zalistos (Proskinima) by the dressed Yianitsari (Janissaries) (Carnival) Naoussa

The Yianitsari and Boules


Zagorisios and Pogonisios, Epirus (Notation)

Furles Kythnos

Kotsari Pontiakos

Sygkathistos, Thrace

Kalamatianos, Peloponnese

Nyfiatikos Kerkyra (Corfu)

Tsakonian Dance from Arcadia assumed to be a version of the Crane Dance of Theseus

In the Greek version also a small video (in "απολαύστε τον τσακώνικο χορό" at the end)

Pyrrihios, Pontos, Horon Dance

After they had poured offerings to the gods and sung the paean, two Thracians got up and began a dance. They were wearing armour, and danced to the sound of a flute. All of a sudden one of them seemed to hit the other one, and the man fell to the ground. The Paphlagonians were alarmed at the sight, and shouted out. But the victor stripped his opponent of his weapons and marched out singing the Sitalcas, a Thracian war song. The other Thracians came and carried off the victim - who looked as if he was dead. In fact, though, he had not been hurt at all. Xenophon

Athan Karras

Greek Dances

Greek Dances Theatre Dora Stratou contains a list of books and other resources (not online)

Ancient Greek Dance


Antikrystos (αντικρυστός χορός) (αντικρυστός t"anti-face", i.e., face-to-face).

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