To the curious dilettanti in dates etc, these almost coinciding circumstances may prove interesting:—

  • The engagement took place on the anniversary of the memorable Battle of Salamis, 480 B.C. when the invading army of Xerxes was defeated by the Greeks; and on the same day Euripides, the Greek tragic poet, was born.
  • Nestor is said to have been born at Navarino.
  • The attack was made on the eve of the anniversary of the glorious Battle of Trafalgar, in which victory Codrington, the vice-Admiral of Navarino, then captain of Orient, was engaged.

After the Battle of Navarino

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Aerial view of Navarino Bay (http://www.pylos.net/album/area/pylos02.JPG)
Aerial view of Navarino Bay (http://www.csad.ox.ac.uk/mellon/LSAG/tour-page07.html)

Battle of Navarino


Greek War of Independence


20 October 1827


Navarino, Greece


Ottoman defeat


United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, Restored Kingdom of France, Imperial Russia

Ottoman Empire, Egypt


Edward Codrington
Henri de Rigny
Login Petrovich Geiden

Ibrahim Pasha


7 battleships, 10 frigates, 4 brigs, 2 schooners, 1 cutter

3 battleships, 17 frigates, 30 corvettes, 28 brigs, 5 schooners, 5 or 6 fireships


181 killed, about 480 wounded

4109 men


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