Germanos of Patras

Theodoros P. Vryzakis, The Oath of the Fighter Being Taken in the Church of Aghia Lavra (Ο ΄Ορκος των Αγωνιστών), 1865 Benaki Museum, Inv. 8970, Athens Greece

Germanos of Patras (George Gotzias) known as Palaion Patron Germanos (1771-1826) was an Orthodox Metropolitan of Patras, who, on March 25, 1821, proclaimed national uprising. Greece declared its independence from the Ottoman Empire, beginning the Greek War of Independence.

Palaion Patron Germanos rises the flag of independence, Ludovico Lipparini (1800-1856), National Historic Museum Greece

He was since 1818 member of the Filiki Etairia.

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