Kyriakoulis Petros Mavromichalis

Kyriakoulis Petros Mavromichalis (Greek: ) (1850-1916) was a Greek politician of the late 19th and early 20th Century who briefly served as Prime Minister of Greece.

Mavromichalis was born in Athens in 1850, into the renown Mavromichalis family of Mani which had fought during the Greek War of Independence. He was first elected to the Hellenic Parliament in 1879 and served as: Interior Minister (1895 - 1897, 1902 - 1903 and 1905) and Minister of the Miltary (1904 - 1905), before becoming Prime Minister of Greece following the Goudi Revolt by the Military League and the fall of the Dimitrios Rallis government in 1909.

With the pressure of the League on his government, Mavromichalis passed a large amount of groundbreaking legislation that the League demanded, including organization of the army, the justice and educational systems, and governmental organization. Mavromichalis resigned as Prime Minister in January, 1910, after a disagreement with the Military League. He died in 1916 and was buried with full honors.

Preceded by Dimitrios Rallis
Prime Minister of Greece August 28, 1909 - January 31, 1909
Succeeded by Stephanos Dragoumis

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