Marinos Antypas

Greek Stamp of Marinos Antypas

Marinos Antypas was born in the village Feredinata of Kefalonia at 1872 and he was murdered in Pirgetos of Thessaly at 1907. He was lawyer and journalist. He was one of the first Greek socialists and he fought for the prevalence of the socialistic ideas. He has been a member of the Central Socialistic Society in Athens, during his studies. He has been also a voluntary soldier in Cretan Revolution of 1896. For this action he was imprisonned and exiled in the island of Aegina.

In Kefalonia he published the journal "Anastasi" and he founded in Argostoli the center of soltical and spiritual questioning "The equality". After that he visited the farm of his uncle Gerasimos Skiadaresis in Thessaly. There, he incited the "koligoi"(farmers) against the "tsiflikades"(landowners). The landowners, annoyed, because of his role in the "agraral problem", they murdered him in Pirgetos(today Rapsani) the 7 March 1907. His assasination shocked the farmers and he became quickly a legendary hero and rebel between them. His action influenced the great agrarian revolution of Kileler at 1910 and the Greek socialists in general.

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