Theophilos Kairis

Theophilos Kairis (baptismal name Thomas) born 1784 on the cyclades island ] to find the roots of cardinal numbers.

Kairis was in constant communication with western intellectuals from Andros, and had communicated with August Comte, and wrote on his treatises on sociology, then a newley emerging subject. Kairis has also incorported these ideas into the ciruculum of the orphanotropio. Comte's ideas where tremendously influential on Kairis in the later years of the orphanotropio, especially the idea that social ills can be solved as advocated by Jeremy Bentham.

Kairis spoke many languages and was interested in teaching philosophy from the ancient Greeks, translating the great poetry and theatre from antiquity, as well as the philosophic treatises of Aristotle and Plato. Furthermore, lessons on the progessive subject of comparative religion was to be invaluable for the would be ship captains and merchants embarked on international trade. Kairis would teach theosphitism, but in the context of world religions, ranging from buddism, many describing the philosophical thought of Kairis similar in vien as with the Transcendentalism of Henry David Thoreau and Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Kiaris emphasised poetry as part of the curriculum and taught Lord Byron's work, Robert Browning as well as poetry from the French and German speaking west. This was to create a naturalist and metaphysical apptitude balanced with the natural sciences and mathematics.

Unfortunately, the school was disbanded after Kairis was declared a Heretic, but many of the orphanotropio would go on into the shipping professions, and where also versed in accounting and probability. Of notable family names who can trace back ancenstors who were schooled by Kairis were the Goulandris and Emberikos families. Other students hid in the surronding mountains, taking with them the banned books from the school, and continued to live with the inhabitants of the island working and building some of the most interesting wind mills in Greece.

Indeed, Kairis had also taught his students the early field of Archeology, and conducted field trips on the island to the place he had discovered the ruins of a temple dedicated to Aphrodite prior to the Greek revolution.

To this day, every summer, art exhibitions are organized in the new exhibition area of the library.


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