ANEK Lines

ANEK Lines is a shipping company. It was originally created with the help of shareholders who were inhabitants of Crete. They endevoured for a means of transportation which was their own and connected them with the rest of Greece. Cretan people looked for their own vessels to sail into their own sea. In the beginning it looked as just another great vision but everybody contributed to the cause.


1967 April 10th, ANEK LINES was founded with its head offices located at Chania

1970 The company's first F/B vessels "KYDON" started servicing the route Piraeus - Chania

1973 The F/B's "CANDIA" and "RETHYMNO" started servicing the route Piraeus -Iraklion

1978 The F/B "KRITI" started servicing the route Piraeus-Chania

1987 The F/B "APTERA" started servicing the route Piraeus-Chania

1989 The F/B's "LATO" & "LISSOS" started servicing the route Patras-Ancona.

The F/B "KYDON" was sold.

1992 The F/B "EL.VENIZELOS" started servicing the route Greece-Italy. F/B "TALOS" started servicing the route Patras-Trieste.

1996 The F/B "KRITI I" and "KRITI II" were purchased. The F/B "KRITI" was sold

1997 The F/B's "KRITI I" and "KRITI II" started servicing the route Patras-Ancona

1998 Share-capital increase and Initial public offering for the company's stocks into the Athens Stock Exchange

1999 The company's stocks started trading on the Athens Stock Exchange on 21/01/1999

The F/B "SOFOKLES V." was bought and started servicing the route Patras-Trieste.

ANEK LINES purchases 50% of the share-capital of LANE, with the assignment of the F/B "TALOS".

ANEK LINES and RETHYMNIAKI merger. ANEK LINES includes the F/B "PREVELIS" and F/B "ARKADI" in its fleet.

ANEK LINES buys 16,5% of the share-capital of NEL

ANEK LINES ITALIA s.r.l.was founded. ANEK LINES holds 51% of its shares

ANEN was founded. ANEK LINES holds 20% of its shares

2000 The F/B "LEFKA ORI" was purchased, fully renovated and started servicing the route Patras-Ancona.

ANEK LINES buys 41,9% of the share-capital of "DANE"

ANEK LINES buys 50% of the share-capital of "ETANAP"

ANEK LINES buys 62 % of the share-capital of "LEFKA ORI A.B.E.E."

Contract signed with the Norwegian shipyard "FOSEN MEK SHIPYARD" for the shipbuilding of two new build F/B's with delivery dates October 2000 & May 2001 with an option for two more.

Delivery of the newly constructed "OLYMPIC CHAMPION" servicing the route Patra - Ancona which completes the route Igoumenitsa - Ancona in 15 hours.

ANEK LINES increases its share-capital (25% = 9,5 Billion Drachmas / 27,88 million EURO's

The F/B's "CANDIA" and "RETHYMNO" sold

ANEK LINES increases it's share-capital in NEL to 19,05%

2001 Established online connections to the international booking systems START, MERLIN, AMADEUS and SIGMA

Delivery of the second newly constructed F/B "HELLENIC SPIRIT" servicing along with the F/B "OLYMPIC CHAMPION" the route Patra - Igoumenitsa - Ancona reducing the travelling time from Igoumenitsa - Ancona to 15 hours.


F/B El. Venizelos

F/B Olympic Champion

F/B Hellenic Spirit

F/B Lefka Ori

F/B Sophokles V.

F/B Lato

F/B Kriti I

F/B Kriti II

F/B Lissos

F/B Prevelis


  • Greece
    • Piraeus - Chania
    • Piraeus - Heraklio
    • Piraeus - Rethymno
    • Patra - Igoumenitsa - Corfu
  • Greece- Italy
    • Patra - Ancona
    • Patra - Igoumenitsa - Ancona
    • Patra - Corfu - Igoumenitsa - Venice


Anek Line Ferries - Online Ticket Sales and Reservations.


Companies that are affiliates of ANEK Lines (larger than 10%) are outlined below.


DANE 41,87%

LANE 50,00%

ANEN 19,36%

ET.AN.AP. 50,00%


ANEK Lines
Type Public
Founded 1967
Location Karamanlis Avenue, Chania, Crete, Greece
Key people Holyness Irineos, Chairman
Yannis S. Vardinoyannis, CEO
Industry Transport
Products Commercial and passenger transport
Revenue 186 million EUR (2004)
Employees 1,489

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