Akto S.A.

The Athenian Artistic and Technological Group was founded in 1971 by Mr. Vlasis Vellios, conjectural artist and creator of the Applied Arts in partnership with a group of important artists. The school is an innovative organization that developed for the first time in Greece the departments of Industrial & Product Design and Photography. AKTO was also the first to introduce high technology in the domain of the arts. Today is the largest private educational group of our country in the domain of Art & Design. More than two thousand students attend the various programs at ΑΚΤΟ each year, whereas a hundred and fifty are the tutors. Ever since the beginning of the 90's AKTO entered into a partnership with Middlesex University of London, of which it is now a validated college, upgrading thus its programs at the university level.

Aθηναϊκός Καλλιτεχνικός Τεχνολογικός Όμιλος

Athenian Artistic Technological Group Type Incorporated

Founded Athens, Greece (1971)

Location Athens, Greece

Key people Vlasis Vellios, Founder
Charalampos Maniotis, CEO

Industry Private Education

Employees 60

Website www.akto.gr

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