Alco Hellas S.A.

ΑΛΚΟ Ελλάς Α.Ε.Β.Ε.

Alco Hellas S.A

Type Public
Founded 1990
Location Kyrillo, 193 00

Aspropyrgos, Greece

Key people Theodoros Tzortzis,

Chairman and CEO

Industry Basic Resources (Aluminium)
Products Aluminum Profiles, Glass Panes,

Rolling Shutters,

Aluminum Components,

Aluminum Systems

(for doors and windows)

Revenue 26 million EUR, (2004)
Operating Income
Net Income
Employees 145

Activities of Alco Hellas S.A. concern the design, production and treatment of aluminium profiles for architectural use (systems for manufacturing of frames, facades of buildings, configuration of internal spaces etc.), the commercial offering of which is done through their commercial networks, as well as the production of special aluminium profiles for industrial use. Production of custom profiles with special characteristics is feasible, based on specific customer's requirements.


When ALCO was established in 1990 by Mr. Theodore Tziortzis, the company was a small Aluminum Extrusion producer which sold its products mainly to exporting countries. However, it always had high goals and vision for growth and expansion. In 1992 foreseeing an increase in its production capacity thru its extensive research in the Sales of the Greek market, it purchased a 7 acre land site in Aspropyrgo in-order to expand its production capacity. By 1993 the company now is focused mainly in the Greek market and continues steadily in upgrading its production equipment and parameters, as well as new building construction and additions within the Factory site.

In 1995 according to its Investment Business Plan under stipulation law N1892/90 is approved and the Company invests 2.4 Billion GDR in establishing ALOMINUM THRACE COMPANY ABEE, its first affiliate located in Alexandroupolis.

This Company is also an Aluminum Extrusion Producer which is geared to the export markets, as well as regions throughout Thrace and Western Makedonia, with a state-of-the art Production Plant. Today ALCO owns 85% of the Company.

In 1996 the Company increases its production with the addition of a new Aluminum Profile line ( Alousystem ) which has huge success in the Greek market. After its proposed application of its three year Investment Plan 1996-1990 of 2.5 Billion GDR it is approved, under stipulation law N 1892/92 article 23 A. Under the provisions of the Investment Plan the Company invests 661 Million GDR opening 2 new Mechanical Industrial units 2800 sq. m and sets up a new state-of-the art fully computerized Electrostatic Powder Coating Line.

In 1997 was a very important year for ALCO as it entered into the Greek Stock Exchange. It further expanded its production operations at Aspropyrgos in the purchase of a new 6 acre land site, a 915 sq. m land site in Kifissias for the construction of its offices, and a new showroom facility for showcasing its range of products to customers.

Soon afterwards it adds a new Aluminum Extrusion press with production capability of 12,000 tons annualy, and approves for further investment of 500 Million GDR under article 23B of stipulation Law N1892/90 of its Investment Plan. It also obtains approval for ISO 9000 Certification from ABS American Asoociation.

The next step is acquiring 51% of GROUPAL, a majoe Aluminum Extrusion producer of Aluminum Profiles located in Xanthi, with well known named product profiles in the market such as (IRIS) and (ORION). Today ALCO owns 64% of GROUPAL and the Group has evolved in becoming one of the largest and most dynamic Group whose aim is to be the most competitive and profitable Group in the industry.

In its quest of its above mentioned objectives it creates an alliance with the Mitilineos Group and in 1999 ALCO further increaseits share capital to 3.4 Billion GDR.

In 2001 the Company continues in increasing its share capital to 4.1 Billion GDR successfully.

The capital was mainly used in reducing the Company s debt and other obligations. At this stage the ALCO GROUP now consists of three production facilies, in Aspropyrgos, Xanthi and Alexandroupolis, with Total Annual capacity of 36,000 tons of Aluminum profile systems. In 2000 its Sales turnover reached over 12 Billion GDR.

As we come to today, the ALCO GROUP has attained in being recognized as the major leading Aluminum Extrusion Groups in the Industry.

In 2002 ALCO takes a leading step and agrees the purchase in acquiring 51% of the Hermann Gutmann GmbH, one of the pioneering and leading Aluminum Extrusion producers. Its plant is located in Weibenburg, Germany.

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