Alpha TV

Alpha TV is a Greek terrestrial channel (prior to 2000: Skaï, the Greek spelling of Sky). The station features mainly foreign shows. Greek shows, including Zougla, (Greek for jungle) which features investigative reporting, are also broadcast. The studios are located near Athens. The President of the Channel and News Department's director is the famous Anchor Nikos Hadjinikolaou. The owner of Alpha TV is the bussinessman Dimitris Kontominas.

Alpha TV's logo, when the channel was called Skaï was written in Greek letters. It was Latinized in 1999 and changed to a blue font, when Dimitris Kontominas bought it from Ioannis Alafouzos On September of 1999 it became Alpha-Sky and later A-Sky before changing to the present-day name, on October of the same year. The logo was kept when they changed the channel name. In the year 2006, the name was changed to the first letter of the Greek alphabet to reflect channel's popularity, and used a similarity of Swiss font letters. This A (alpha) logo is similar to the Attiki Odos logo. The font letters in 2003 changed and a circle was added over Alpha, but the two As (alphas) remain. In 2005 a new version was introduced and is colored with red looking like the modern Adobe Logo. Ratings are now in the middle range after the introduction of Alter and the now-defunct Tempo but in several years peaked at number one.

In Cyprus, some of Alpha TV's programmes are broadcasted by the National Tv Station, CyBc (ΡΙΚ).


Current Shows include:

Alpha Eidiseis- Daily newscast in Greek featuring news from Greece and around the world. Airs daily at 3pm, 8pm and 1am.

Al Tsantiri News- Satirical comedy show that features Lakis Lazopoulos giving 'his version' of the news. Airs Tuesdays @ 9pm .

Dream Show- The Music- A reality show, similar to Fame Story, where contestants face each other in a competition to determine the best singer. Premieres Jan. 20 at 10pm.

Zougla- Long time favourite with Greek viewers, this talk show focuses on current affairs and gets to the bottom of issues that dominate the headlines. Hosted by Makis Triantafilopoulos. Airs Thursdays at 11pm. (formerly broadcasted on Alter, now back on Alpha)

Kalimera Sas- Morning show with news, entertainment and more, airing Monday-Friday at 6:30am. Hosted by George Autias and also featuring Nikos Kakaounakis.

Kafes Me Tin Eleni- Variety show featuring entertainment as well as segments on cooking, health, astrology, lifestyle issues and more. Hosted by well-known and loved Eleni Menegaki. Airs Monday - Friday at 10am.

Kitrinos Typos- Long time favourite with Greek viewers, talk show focuses on current affairs issues as well as topics of a lighter note such as performances by well known musicians or actors. Hosted by Makis Triantafilopoulos. Airs Sundays at 11pm. (Formerly broadcasted on Alter, now back on Alpha)

Mageireuontas Me Ti Befa- A cooking show featuring well-known celebrity chef Befa Alexiadou. Airs Monday - Friday at 3:45pm.

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1993 Skai TV was launched to compete with Mega Channel and ANT1 similar to ERT Channels. It began broadcasting with a heavy emphasis on news and sports. At the time, its sister station was the #1 ranked radio station in Athens, Skai 100.3 FM (then on 100.4 FM).

1994 Skai TV began to exchange family/children's programs from Star Channel with Alpha's children's programming.

1999 Alpha TV sold, renamed Alpha-Sky and later A-Sky during a transition period.

2000 Renamed to Alpha TV

2003 10th anniversary of the station

2005 Alpha TV begins broadcast of Alpha International, the international network of Alpha and signs up with UBI World TV to make Alpha International Available in Australia as well as the Asia / Africa region


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