Aluminium de Grece

Aluminium de Grece or Alouminio tis Ellados (Greek: Αλουμίνιο της Ελλάδος literally Aluminium of Greece) was founded in 1960 and established its plant at Agios Nikolaos in Beotia, on the north coast of the Gulf of Corinth. The site combines proximity to the large bauxite deposits of Beotia and Phokida and sea transportation facilities, with unobtrusive integration into the surrounding area. The annual production capacity of this industrial complex is : 750,000 tonnes of alumina and 160,000 tonnes of aluminium.

1,250 people are directly employed by the plant. Since 2005 is member of Mytilineos Holdings. The Company has been listed on the Athens Stock Exchange since 1973. The Company also owns Delphi-Distomon mining company.

Aluminium de Grece also owns Saint Nicola Port which includes a dock capable of accommodating and serving boats up to 50,000 dwt.

Greece rich in bauxite deposits, the company's plants are comprised of: a bauxite processing unit for the production of alumina and an alumina processing unit for the production of aluminum.


The plant processes :

* 1,400,000 tonnes of Greek, and

* 200,000 tonnes of Tropical Bauxite.

The plant produces :

* 750,000 tonnes of alumina.

* 160,000 tonnes of aluminum.


Aluminium de Grece has around 1,250 employees. Most of its employees live in Aspra Spitia as well as the surrounding area, Antikyra, Livadia, Kyriaki, Steiri, Distomo, Desfina and Itea.

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Aluminium de Grece
Aluminio tis Ellados
Αλουμίνιο της Ελλάδος
Type private
Founded 1960 by Pechiney
Headquarters Agios Nikolaos, Viotia, Greece
Products aluminium


* Alouminio tis Ellados

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