Attica Group

Attica Group is an operator of international ferry services in Europe. The Group’s main operations are with it’s subsidiary Superfast Ferries which began in 1995 with the launch of it's first ships, Superfast I & Superfast II. The company also has a majority share in Blue Star Ferries which operates ferries in the Aegean Sea to the Greek islands.

The company’s origins date back as far as 1918 when it was called General Company of Commerce and Industry of Greece, but later focused on producing and trading flour under the name of Attica Flour Mills SA.. In 1992 the company changed hands and was renamed to Attica Enterprises S.A., subsequently changed to Attica Enterprises Holding S.A. and has since changed to Attica Group.

Type Public
Founded 1918
Headquarters Athens, Greece157 Kon Karamanli Avenue, Voula,
Key people Pericles S. Panagopoulos Alexander Panagopoulos.
Industry Shipping
Employees 1,000
Subsidiaries Superfast Ferries 100% Blue Star Ferries 48.8 %


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