ERT 3 or ET-3 is the third channel from Elliniki Radiophonia Tileorassi (ERT), the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation. It is a regional channel that broadcasts from Thessaloniki and caters to Rural Greece. ERT 3 is the largest regional channel in Greece and the only one that broadcasts nationally. It has regional studios operating in various cities across the country, including Florina, Komotini & Alexandroupolis and on the islands of Paros, Mytilini and Samos.

Programming consists mainly of news and information but also includes sports, cultural programmes, documentaries, music and children's shows. It was launched in 1987, when the public TV and radio stations were merged, officially creating the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation.


Current shows include:

9 Η Ωra... Μesimeriase! - Informative program that uses wit and humor to discuss various social and cultural issues. The show is divided into various segments devoted to specific topics:

«Ο κύριος αρμόδιος» A look at issues of everyday life, with live reports on location as well as in studio.

«Το πρώτο θέμα» A look at regional issues with an emphasis on Northern Greece.

«Σε άλλη διάσταση» A look at social issue but from a different perspective

«Δώσε πάσα» A look at top sports headlines and goings on in the world of Sports

«Τι μας είπαν...» (χθες) Reports from national politics as well as the local scene.

«χARTης» των ημερών- airs Monday to Friday at 9am. A look at cultural events from another viewpoint. Hosted by Μελίνα Καραπαναγιωτίδου-Γιάννης Κυφωνίδης.

Deltio Eidiseion- airs at 1pm, 7pm and Midnight, with update at 3:55pm. Daily newscast, with national and international news as well as regional news with a focus on headlines from Northern Greece.

E- Life- airs Monday to Friday at 9:30pm. Program that deals with Technology and seek to inform the viewer about all the latest happenings and gadgets that can make their lives easier. The show focuses mainly on those areas that deal with communication and Information such as the Internet, cell phones, video games and more. In addition, there is a companion website for the show where viewers can find information about everything reported on the program and they have the ability to express their views, give comments about the show and more. Hosted by Sakis Koutsouridis

Η Αrena Ton Spor- airs Mondays at 10pm. Two hours of discussion and analysis of news and events from the world of Sport, from Greece and around the world. Hosted by Nikos Petroulakis.

Η Κouzina Tis Mamas- airs Sundays at 5pm. Entertaining show that seeks to teach viewers, in a fun way, about cooking and eating healthy. Host Εutuxis Bletsas travels the country visiting as many homes- and moms, as he can to find out their special tips or secret recipes and to educate everyone about how and why we should eat properly. Along the way, he gives his special tips and tricks as well as information on health and diet. Eutuxi also entertains everyone with music and singing.

Κathe Topos Kai Tragoudi- airs Sundays at 12:30pm. Informative program that presents informative and unkown aspects of Traditional Greek Song and dance. The show travels all around Greece from small villages to larger towns and cities, examining the Musical history of each area. Each area has distinct musical traditions and its ties to the cultural of each area are also documented. Hosted by Giorogs Melikis.

Κyriaki Sto Horio- airs Sundays at 3:30pm. A journey to different towns and villages across the country, giving viewers a glimpse at life in rural Greece, the traditions, music, culture, history and problems that the residents face. An informative and entertaining program that looks at how those outside the city live. Hosted by Μάρνη Χατζηεμμανουήλ.

Μe Μia Τriti Μatia- airs Monday to Friday at 2:30pm. Current affairs program with an emphasis on politics, that attempts to discuss the issues with a valid and unbiased view. It features analysis, in depth discussions and reports on the political and economic issues that are making headlines. Now in its 11 year. Hosted by Kostas Bliatkas.

Νistiko Arkoudi- airs Tuesday to Friday at 4:40pm. Cooking show where the host is not a chef and knows little about cooking (or at least that is what he wants people to believe). Includes visits to various restaurants in Northern Greece where viewers see various dishes prepared and the host attempting to learn how to make them and also sample some food as well. In addition when a dish is prepared, an explanation of the history of the dish is given as well as dietary information about it. Emphasis is on simple dishes that are healthy and easy to prepare so that people watching can learn how to make them as well. A guest is featured in each show, who accompanies the host around and also helps out with the cooking if they know how. Hosted by Stathis Pangiotopoulos.

Ο Κosmos Ton Spor- airs Monday to Friday at 8:15pm. A look at the top stories from the Sports world. With news and analysis of the days events, scores and highlights of matches, live reports and guests in studio. A daily wrap up from the Greek sports scene as well as the rest of the world. Hosted by Tasos Stamboulis.

Pame Kala- airs Monday to Friday at 6pm. Informative and entertaining lifestyle show that airs weekday afternoons. The program deals with and focuses on the following topics: Travel, Theatre, Shopping, Books, Dance, Fashion, Sport, Internet/Technology, Cars and Design. Hosted by Zoi Krovaki.


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