ERT World

ERT World (previously ERT Sat) is an internationally-broadcast Greek language channel run by Greece's national broadcaster, ERT. Programming includes a mix of news, discussion-based programmes, drama, documentaries, entertainment shows as well as sports coverage including live games from Greece's top soccer league- A' Ethniki.

ERT World has created a special program, consisting of the broadcasts of the three national Greek channels, NET, ET-1 & ET-3; CYBC (Public broadcaster of Cyprus) and its own specialized programs targeted at the global promotion of Greece.

Programming is split into 2 zones- Weekday and Weekend. On weekdays one can find standard news and information as well as some entertainment shows. While on the weekend the focus is mainly on entertainment and sports.

Recently it was revealed by the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation that ERT World would be undergoing a major overhaul to allow it to better meet the needs of Greek people abroad. Among the changes are new programmes designed specifically for the Omognenia (Greek ex-pats) and a localized schedule to serve each of the newly designated program 'zones'- North America, Europe/Africa & Asia/Australia. The new 'program zones' will be launched in the fall of 2006.

As part of the ongoing overhaul of this service, the Greek Broadcasting Corporation has decided to re-name the channel ERT World to better reflect its position as an International service. This change will be going into effect in the fall of 2006.


Odysseia (Odyssey)- New program created specifically for ERT World, deals with the Omogenia. Features community news from various Greek communities around the world, issues regarding the initiatives and events of the diaspora, problems facing those living abroad regarding connecting with the homeland and live reports from cities and communities of the Apodimos Ellinismos. Hosted by Antonis Alafogiorgos and Afentra Varsamakidou, airs Sundays at 4pm.

Oi Ellines Tou Kosmou- A documentary series that focuses on the life of Greeks living abroad. It looks at the history of Greek immigration to other countries and is based on the testimonies of political and economic refugees. Hosted by Panos Panagos.

From CYBC in Cyprus

7 Days in Cyprus- Weekly wrap up of the top stories from Cyprus

CYBC News- Daily news brief featuring main headlines from Cyprus

Kypros Konta Sas- Best of Cypriot programming from PIK

From ET-1

Αrontariki- Discussion about social issues with Metropolitan Dimitriados Ignatios and guests.

Athlitiki Fakelloi- A new program that features investigative reports on events that made headlines in the world of Sport. An attempt to shed light on unknown aspects of these various events.

Biblia Sto Kouti- A program about books, who's aim is to guide the viewer by exploring and evaluating authors and their works through a neutral viewpoint.

Dromoi- Biographical series, looking at the lives of famous individuals.

Ellada Dynami Anthropias- A look at the humanitarian and developmental action of Greece in various 3rd world countries.

Εkpaideutiki Thleorasi- Educational programs including music, culture & history.

Εxei Gousto- Daily talkshow that deals with all the issues surrounding everyday life. Topics and guests range from a wide variety of areas, from music, to theatre, to film and even authors. A show that informs and entertains, it has been very popular with viewers and is now in its 3rd year. Hosted by Blio Tsokala.

Fotosfaira- Docuemtary series that gives the viewer a look at rural life in Greece. The series focuses on the people, the geography and cultural of the towns and villages in Greece.

Η Εpoxi Ton Eikonon- Program dedicated to discussion and analysis of the Fine Arts, now in its 3rd year, hosted by Katerina Zaxaropoulou

Η Κerkida Τou Sabbatou - Sports program that provides live coverage and discussion of the weekend's sporting events from Soccer and Basketball to other sports such as volleyball and waterpolo. Includes extended highlights of various matches and constantly updated scores.

Η Ζoi Einal Allou- Talkshow that is now in its 3rd year, features guests from the arts, literature and the entertainment world, who talk about life and how they have escape the struggles of everyday life through their work. They describe the events and experiences that led them to a better life. Hosted by Evi Kuriakopoulou.

Ηmerologia- Informational program that features discussions with well known stars from the world of film, theatre and music about their lives, careers and whatever else comes up. It takes place around Athens in various locals such as restaurants, marketplace and in neighbourhoods.

Theia Leitourgia- Coverage of Sunday Mass.

Logomaxies- Gameshow that features two teams pitted against each other engaging in a lively debate on various interesting and topical issues.

Μe Αreti Κai Τolmi- Series about the military, in association with the Ministry of Defence

Μenoume Ellada (Travelling in Greece)- Travel Magazine that showcases beautiful Greece and all it has to offer. 4 teams of reporters scour the country to bring the viewer to various points of interest, from small villages, to historical sites and local culture. The show also features live pictures from 40 different locations via webcams and also provides constantly updated weather conditions for various cities and traffic updates from national and regional road- all on the TV screen. Hosted by Giorgos Amyras & Renia Tsitsibikou.

Μonogramma- One of the longest running series on Greek Television, which has been on the air for over 25 years, is a biographical series that looks back on the lives of some of the most well known figures of our times. The series profiles individuals from the world of politics, the arts, religion and society in general.

Mousiki Paradosi - Music program that showcases traditional song and dance from all the regions in Greece. Hosted by Panagiotis Milonas

Οudeis Anamartitos- Talkshow with an emphasis on culture and the lives of the people from it. In depth interviews with unique and well known individuals from the arts, theatre, music, film, politics and science. Now in its second year, hosted by Anna Panagiotarea.

Paidiko Programma- Various Children's programs

Paraskinio- Series that focuses on culture and social reflection. A look at various people, their work and their lives and their impact on society. Paraskinio has been a staple on Greece's public broadcaster for 29 years.

Rimeik- Historical series that looks back on how life in Contemporary Greece has changed over the past 30 years.

Reportaz Horis Synora- Current affairs program that broadcasts feature documentaries on various International and domestic issues. The series focuses on historical as well as current social and political events, told through the experiences of key players as well as everyday people. It is an award-winning program that has been on the air for 10 years. Hosted by Stelios Kouloglou, it airs Mondays on ET-1.

Se Χrono ΤV - Informative show that looks at the history of Greek television and mixes the old with the new. It takes viewers back in time to revisit countless great moments in TV history and blends that with clips from entertainers of today.

Synanthseis- Popular journalist, lyricist and writer Leuteris Papadopoulos entertains various guests from Singers, writers and composers who have made an impact in the world of Music.

From NET

Athlitiki Kyriaki ("Sports Sunday") - Sports highlight show, that features a wrap up of the weekends games from soccer, basketball and other sports from Greece and abroad. Hosted by Αntoni Katsaro and Anna Karamanli, airs Sundays at 11pm.

Εxantas- Documentary series that looks at issues of interest to open-minded and skeptical citizens from this modern 'globalized' world. Now in its 6th year on NET, features topics such as "the war in Iraq", "Beslan school shootings", "Chechnya", "Paris Riots" and more

Focus- Informative documentary series that airs weekly on NET. National and international issues are examined and investigated by a team of reporters who seek to uncover aspects that were previously unknown. Focus is governed by and the validity of the program is based on the answering of the 5 basic journalistic questions- Who, What, When, Where and Why.

Ζoom Sta Prosopa Kai Ta Gegonota- Informative discussion that focuses on the people and events that caught our attention in the week that past.

Η Αlli Opsi - Informative show that examines the world of Politics and public life from a different perspective. It features discussions with politicians and others that are in the public eye, a look at their lives, stories from the past and journeys into places and events.

NET Εideseis- News from around Greece and the world in Greek at Noon, 3pm & 9pm, with updates at 6pm and 1am (local time).

Οi Μousikoi Tou Kosmou- Documentary-style program that travels the globe and provides a look into the happenings from the world of music.

Paraskeuvi Kai 12- Entertaining and informative latenight talkshow. Features discussions with people who have something fascinating to relate, whether it be about their lives, their work or their experiences. Guests include athletes, singers, actors, academics, journalists and others with interesting stories to tell. Hosted by Rika Bagianni, airs Fridays at Midnight

Press- Current affairs program that features discussion on various issues and the headlines of the day. Each week a panel of guests focuses on one specific issue and provides an analysis of this topic. Hosted by Konstantino Zoula.

Κyriakatiko Trapezi- Variety show that features a series of guests together at a table sharing a meal, discussing various issues and enjoying live music with the 10 member in-studio band. Now in its 2nd year on NET, hosted by Sotiris Triantafilopoulos.

Proskinio- Current affairs program that explains and discusses issues, with emphasis on Politics, that are making headlines and of interest to the viewer. Features expert panel of guests from politicians, journalists, academics and others. The show also looks at hot button social issues that are of interest to everyone. Hosted by Gianni Politi.

Proti Grammi- Morning show with the latest headlines, sports news and scores, a look at the day ahead, weather conditions, entertainment and more, airs Monday - Friday at 5:45am. The show is in its 3rd year on NET, hosted by Vasili Luritzi and Dimitri Oikonomou.

Sabbatokyriako Sti ΝΕΤ- Morning show for the Weekend. It features news, sports highlights, current affairs and more. Hosted by Τakis Spiliopoulos and Κaterina Bakogianni, airs Saturday & Sunday morning at 6am.

Stin Υgeia Mas- Variety program that focuses on entertaining viewers with music, featuring live performances by in-studio performers. Now in its 2nd year, Stin Ygeia Mas is 3 hours of non-stop singing and dancing with the best in Greek music. Hosted by Spiro Papadopoulo, airs Saturdays at 10pm.

Symvainei Tora- Current affairs program that keep viewers informed of the latest headlines from Greece and around the world. Features live reports from around the country and analysis of issues that affect everyday people, such as economic matters, health concerns and more. Hosted by Popi Tsapanidou, airs daily at 10am and 1pm.

Sta Akra- One on one discussion with various well-known people from various walks of life. Hosted by Biki Flessa

Τaxideuontas Me Tin Magia Tsokli- Travel program that is now in its 7th successful season on NET. Magia Tsokli travels the world giving viewers a look at fascinating people and places.

Τaxideuontas Me To Ayrio- A series that looks at the latest developments from the fields of Science and Technology.

Τois Μetritois - Gameshow, features 2 teams of 3 players where they answer a series of questions and compete for a prize of 3000 Euro in cash! At the beginning of the show, the members of each team compete as one, helping each other with the questions. But as the game progresses they then compete for themselves and try and win the money. Also, in a first for Greek Television, viewers watching at home, have the chance to win a cash prize as well. Hosted by Spiro Papadopoulo, airs Monday - Friday at 8pm.

Υgeia Gia Olous- Informative program that deals with Health issues. Host Μihalis Κefalogiannis along with expert guests, discuss various topics surrounding ones health and attempt to give practical suggestions and solutions on how to deal with certain problems and on prevention.

From ET-3

Αlithina Senaria- Informative series that takes the viewer around the world to meet people who excel in their respective jobs. From a businessman on Wall Street to a shepard in Pindos, from an acclaimed journalist to a hermit in Pilios, fascinating people with a story to tell. This program is now in its 5th year and has been the most watched show on ET-3 since its inception. Hosted by Nikos Aslanidis.

Diaspora- A series that focuses on bridging the gap between Greeks living abroad and Greece. It gives a voice to the omogenia, to tell about their way of life, the problems they face, stories about their experiences and more. A show that will inform and entertain viewers the world around, hosted by Xrusa Samou.

Κyriaki Sto Horio- A journey to different towns and villages across the country, giving viewers a glimpse at life in rural Greece, the traditions, music, culture, history and problems that the residents face. An informative and entertaining program that looks at how those outside the city live. Hosted by Μάρνη Χατζηεμμανουήλ.

Live Sports

ERT World features coverage of live sporting events that are a part of the lineup specifically for the Diaspora Ellines who want to follow the sporting leagues from their homeland. Sporting events include:

A1 Ethniki Basketball Matches

A1 Ethniki Volleyball Matches

A1 Ethniki Soccer Matches (only for North America & Australia)

Live and exclusive coverage of the Greek Cup soccer competition

It was also recently announced that ERT is trying to secure the rights to the Champions League (games involving Greek teams) and the Greek National Soccer team for international audiences.


  • Αpostolos Kai Monos
  • H Katallili Stigmi
  • Μoni Ex Ameleias
  • Ο Thisauros Tis Aggelinas
  • Οikogenia Zarnti
  • Τa Paidia Tis Niovis
  • Τo Synergeio (The Garage)


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