Fage S.A. (Greek: ΦΑΓΈ, pronunciation: Fa-ye) is a Greek dairy company and it is one of the major dairy brands in the country, it also ahs been the most popular dairy company in the country. It is headquartered in Athens in the Athens Industrial Area west of downtown. It manufactures dairy products including milk and yogourt and ice cream.


Its logo has its texts in blue. It also has two chevrons, the top is colored red and the bottom blua blue circle with a red rectangle which features its name at the middle.


Elliniki Gefsis Horis Synora - Greek flavours without borders - used outside Greece and Cyprus?.


In June 1999, the dioxin problems that has several exported milk from Belgium made people not to buy milk and had to throw away its problems. Several months later by the Fall, its dairy products became free of dioxins and began to use milk exported from decontaminated countries.

In the late-1990s, with its popularity, Fage began marketing its products and began selling in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain? and the United Kingdom. From 2001, its immense popularity even outside the population with a Greek community and diaspora, it was introduced in the United States and has its parent building in northeastern portion and later North America. There are no plans on introducing to other countries. The yogurt was later featured on Saveur magazine.


Its most popular products include:


  • Fage Homogenized Milk - Available in 1% and 2% or light, they are colored green/light green and red/orange, the milk cannot be refrigerated due to its UHT treatment.
  • Fage Milk - Its cover features a cow with a farm and a several trees, they are colored green and blue (skim)
  • N'Joy (first marketed in 1993) - A milk flavour that is mixed with chocolate tasting like ice cream.


  • Fage Yogurt
  • Total

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