Intralot is a Greek company, specialising in gambling infrastructure that originally provided infrastructure for the national lottery in Greece. It has now expanded its operations to, or is under contractual obligation to do so, in Israel, Chile, Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, Malta, Serbia, the FYROM and probably many more.

Other than providing the infrastructure for the national lotteries, Intralot's operations include running telephone betting systems, football game betting, and owning stocks in a major local gambling company. It is also known for its great expansion in the world through the acquisition of many known lotteries.

Intralot is an affiliate of the Intracom Group. Intracom is a Greek technology company, specialising in telecommunications. It is owned by Socrates Kokkalis, who also owns other major businesses in Greece. Also Mr.Demetriades has a large stake in Intralot as well as in the Intracom group.

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