MAD TV (music TV)

Mad TV, the only Greek Music Channel and one of the most popular music brands in Greece, hit the airwaves on June 6th 1996.

Mad TV, located in Athens (Attica), is available terrestrially and via satellite all over Greece. The channel also covers Cyprus through re-transmission by local TV stations. It is also transmitted live via terrestrial broadcasts and cable networks in the FYROM, Albania, Bulgaria, Cyprus and Australia. Since 1999, Mad TV is also broadcasted in Greece and several other European countries, through the satellite channel, Nova.

Mad TV has deployed one of the most advanced technical infrastructures and specialised IT/Technical/Production team in Greece. It has the largest music digital database, including more than 17,000 video-clips, 70,000 songs, over 1,000 hours of live concerts and rockumentaries material, multimedia database with tens of thousands of music news, biographies and photo material of artists, wallpapers, ring-tones, etc.

Mad TV’s target group ranges from 15 to 24 years old. 90% of its daily program includes all the latest pop, electronic, alternative, rock, r’n’b and hip hop releases and 30 live shows per week. All shows deal with different subjects, ranging from world-wide music news, artist news, Internet, video games, cinema, clubbing, concerts, interviews and documentaries, concerning the majority of the Greek and International artist community.

In May 2000, Mad launched the first Greek music portal, which provides its users the most up to date worldwide music information along with brand new Internet services.

Mad also offers a wide range of B2C and B2B services to the public: Go Mad (interactive service) & Mad Music (5 music-interactive audio channels) in Nova (the only digital platform in Greece), Mad Shop (on line CD shop) through[1], Nova and i-mode Cosmote mobile telephony, Mad Scanner (mobile service for music identification) through Vodafone mobile telephony company, Real time video streaming of Mad TV’s program for 2G & 3G mobile phones, mobile content (ring-tones, logos and MMS) to all the top mobile telephony companies in Greece, music content to internet sites and portals (news, events, artists’ CVs, charts, photos & wallpapers, audio & video streaming, polyphonic audio ring-tones, etc.), and many more.

Since June 16th 2005, Mad successfully organises each year the Mad Video Music Awards, a unique Greek music production and awards ceremony, which allows the public to vote for their favourite artists and video clip.

In May 26 and 27 of 2005, Mad TV held the 1st conference for the music industry in Greece, Athens Music Forum, which focuses on bringing together representatives from all professional fields that are directly and indirectly related to the music industry.

Mad also organizes Secret Concerts, a series of famous artist’s live appearances in front of a small audience in a private and secret place, which give the opportunity to artists to present a special performance with a different repertoire, offering the audience a unique and unforgettable experience.

In December 2005, Mad also established in cooperation with UBI World TV the first international Greek music channel, Mad World[2], which targets Greeks all around the world. Mad World, is on air 24 hours a day, broadcasting all genres of the Greek Music with special daily shows, rockumentaries dedicated to famous Greek artists and special shows that keep the audience informed about the events that take place in Greece.

Mad broadcasts in Athens on the frequencies of 68 UHF (from Mount Hymettus) and 20 UHF (from Mount Parnitha), and on 20 UHF in Thessaloniki as well. Mad is also rebroadcast through several local and regional television stations in Greece, usually for several hours per day.


  • Νadia Boule
  • Elias Fragoulis
  • Themis Georgantas
  • Κonstantinos Κalfakakos
  • Stella Κalisperatou
  • Νasos Κranias
  • Guy Krief
  • Vaggelis Κωstoxenakis
  • Αlexandros Lekkas
  • Ludia Papaioannou
  • Hakos Pervanidis
  • Μαry Sunatsaki
  • Εva Theotokatou
  • Νikos Voυrliotis


Absolut Beat- Entertainment program with information on all the hot spots for dining, dancing, theatre and cinema as well as a look at all the events happening on the weekend, airs Saturday & Sunday at 10pm

Cinemad- Weekly series focuses on movie news, trailers and a look at the latest new releases, airs Thursdays at 10pm

Charts GR Εlliniko- Greek Top 50 music countdown, airs Saturdays at 6pm

DYNAMIX- Dance music clips, airs Saturdays at Midnight

Experience Zone- Live Dance music program, airs Saturdays at 9pm

Εllinika και Xena Mixer- Greek and foreign music clips

First- A look at all the latest releases from Greek and international artists, airs Saturday at Noon

Flesh Mixer- Video clips with content suitable for late night, airs Fridays at Midnight

Funked- Live interactive program featuring viewer feedback, airs M-F at 9pm

Ηeineken Music Report- A look back at all the top music news from the past week, airs Saturdays at 2pm

Hronomixani- Classic music clips

Juke Box- Music clips requested by viewers

Lunch Box- Music news, gossip, clubbing and event information and more, airs M-F at 3pm

Mad Files- TV War- Heavy Metal music, airs Wednesday at Midnight

Mad Files- Streetbeat- Hip Hop, R&B & Urban music, airs Tuesday at Midnight

Mad Files Κυριακής- Post Alternative- Pop and Rock music, airs Thursday at Midnight

Mad News- Music and entertainment news updates, airs throughout the day

MAD Χ Rays- Live performance from the hottest Greek and international artists, airs Saturdays at 6pm

OK- Daily variety program with games and prizes, airs M-F at 5pm

Playroom- Daily music program with video clips and prizes given out, airs M-F at 1pm

ROOM8- Recap of the days music & entertainment news, contests, airs M-F at 8pm

Top 5- spotlight on a different artist each day, Monday - Sunday at 12:30pm

UK Top- All the top hits from the UK, airs Saturday at 5:30pm

US Top- All the top hits from the US, airs Sunday at 5:30pm

WWW (What a Wonderful World)- Program that looks at the 'online' world, with a focus on websites and other items of interest to young people, airs M-F at 4pm


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