METKA (Metallikes Kataskeves Ellados, or Greek Metal Constructions) is a major Greek engineering company founded in 1962, involved in the design and construction of power plants, complex metal structures, defence equipment etc. The Company and its subsidiaries have significant experience in the construction of Thermoelectric Power Plants such as Aliveri, Kardia I&II, Kardia III&IV, Ag. Dimitrios I&II, Ag. Dimitrios III&IV, Amyntaion, Lavrion, Komotini, Florina, Chania and Linoperaramata, and of Hydroelectric Power Plants, such as Ghiona, Thissavros, Platanovrissi, Messochora and Kremasta. The company is also involved in the upgrading of existing power plants. METKA has built the largest port crane in the world (of its time) in the late 1990s, sold to Holland.

A sample of projects includes:


1. Fabrication of the hull of 90 Leonidas Armoured Tracked Vehicles

Customer: HELLENIC VEHICLE INDUSTRY (ELBO) Origination of the project: 1992

2. Fabrication of three (3) Submarine Weapon Loading System

Customer: HELLENIC NAVY Origination of the project: 1993

3. Fabrication of 42 semi trailers and 36 Launcher mechanics for the PATRIOT missile Air Defense System

Customer: RAYTHEON – LOCKHEED MARTIN Origination of the project: 1999

4. Fabrication of pressure hulls and penetrations for three (3) of the latest generation Class U - 214 Submarines

Customer: HDW/Hellenic Shipyards Co. Origination of the project: 2000

5. Fabrication of equipment for 24 self propelled Howitzer PzH 2000

Customer: KMW Origination of the project: 2002

6. Leopard 2 Hel Main Battle Tank

• Complete fabrication of the hull, the turret and the mechanical equipment of 170 Leopard 2 Hel Main Battle Tank

• Fabrication of the hull and the recovery equipment of twelve Armoured Recovery Vehicles

• Fabrication of equipment for 170 Leopard 2 M. B. T Cannon

Customer: KMW - RHEINMETALL/ELBO Origination of the project: 2004

7. Fabrication of pressure hull sections for three (3) class 209 Submarines for the Hellenic Navy submarine upgrade project

Customer: HDW/Hellenic Shipyards Co.

Origination of the project: 2004


METKA is involved in major infrastructure projects since 1965. Such projects vary from design, fabrication and erection of conveyor tracks for cement- lignite- wet and dry ash- bauxite, to fabrication and installation of mining equipment (excavators, bucket wheel excavators, and stackers), and from fabrication of electricity pylons to the fabrication and erection of metal supporting frames and systems for bridges, and of ship launching, loading equipment, and lifting/ transporting platforms.

METKA is currently bidding on a project to build a hydroelectric station on Rhodes.


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