Nounou (Greek: Νουνού) is a Greek dairy company and it is one of the major dairy brands in the country,. It is headquartered in Athens in the Athens Industrial Area west of downtown. It manufactures dairy milk that are sold in the cans and are used for cooking and other products. Much of its milk is imported. During the 1999 dioxin scare in which most of the milk were also from contaminated parts halted its production for several months.


* Nounou Light - low fat milk

* Nounou Kid (introduced in the early to mid-1990s)

* Choice - a milk product that mixes with regular milk first and secondly chocolate (introduced in the mid-2000s)

Natalie Nounou


* Nounou Light - A commercial broadcasted in 1993 featured a yacht that features several boats sailing into the sea.


Its historic slogans includes:

* Kai Nounou Kai Light (And Nounou And Light) - Nounou Light

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