Softex S.A. is a Greek paper towel company and it is one of the major paper towel brands in the country. It is headquartered in Athens in the Athens Industrial Area west of downtown. It manufactures paper towels and napkins. Its company is part of ART Holdings.

Softex suffered a fire in August 1994 and it crippled its manufacturing companies. Its machines were destroyed along with the building and its shipping centre. They were temporary manufactured in a secondary factory later. It was later rebuilt with fireproof technology.


Its logo includes an oval with its letters once written in Helvetica now currently uses in Italic Times New Roman.

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* Softex Incorporated, a US software company founded in 1992 by Mahendra Bhansali and Apurva Bhansali which sells security software products (a.o. biometric/smart card enabled security software

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