Viohalco S.A., a heavy industry corporation, was established in 1937, made its debut on the Athens Stock Exchange in 1947 and is included in the stock exchange index MSCI - Greece. The company is composed of tens of different companies active in the metal production, steel and aluminum trade. Its president, Nikos Stasinopoulos, is one of the richest businessmen in Greece. The magnitude of this corporation is visible in the fact that 7 percent of Greek exports are made by it. Viohalco’s overall sales for 2006 came to around 2.5 billion euros, with profits of 298 million euros - a 68 percent increase from the previous year (sales-and-profits from January-September 2006).

Viohalco has heavily invested in Romania and Bulgaria and the UK, and recently achieved a major deal in steel manufacturing with a US-based company. Among the company’s publicly stated plans are the development of operations in Russia and Serbia and the construction of an energy plant in mainland Greece by early 2010. It should be noted also that Viohalco is a large land owner in Greece and in the Balkans. There has been talk of the eventual creation of a real estate division or company by Viohalco.


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