Vivartia is a food production conglomerate brand in Greece. It is the 35th largest European company and led by businessman Dimitris Daskalopoulos. The major shareholder was the Daskalopoulos Family until a 76.89% share was sold to the Marfin Investment Group. It has 27 facilities, 13,500 employees, a commercial presence in 30 states and an estimated turnover of 1.3 billion euros for 2006.

In December 2007 Vivartia was found guilty of colluding with other milk producers to fix milk prices in Greece to the disadvantage of the consumer.Food and Drink Europe


Vivartia is the result of the merge of Delta Dairy Products with other major Greek companies of the nutritions field, some which being Chipita, Goody's and a dozen other food and beverages related corporations. After the merger was complete, the company changed its name to Vivartia S. A.

It now consist of various divisions aimind at different aspects oh the field. These are:

* Dairy & Beverages Division (formerly Delta)

* Bakery & Pastry Division (Chipita)

* Frozen Foods Division (Barba-Stathis)

* Catering Services & Entertainment Division (Goody's,Flocafé)

International Expansion

In the Balkans, Vivartia is active in Serbia and Bulgaria and is interested in tapping the rising consumer demand elsewhere in the region and in Russia.

Outside of Europe Vivartia is also active in Egypt and Mexico.

In 2007, Vivartia plans to expand into organic farming in Romania and into fast-food chain franchising in Serbia.


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