Cephissus (Athenian plain)

Cephissus (Athenian plain) (Greek Κήφισσος, Kifissós, Kephissós, Kêphissos) or Cephisus (Greek Κήφισος Kêphissos), a river flowing through the Athenian plain.

In his summary of Greek mythology Apollodorus (3.15.1) declares that Erechtheus' wife Praxithea was daughter of Phrasimus (otherwise unknown to us) by Diogenia (otherwise unknown to us) daughter of Cephissus.

This river is found in the western part of the valley. Today much of the river flows adjacent to the freeway linking Athens and Thessaloniki, and east of mountains of Parnitha and Aegaleo.

Length: ?km/?mi

Empties into: Saronic Gulf

In the southern part, the river flows under (but originally in the middle of) a highway of a main street named Kifissou Avenue for 15 km.

Kifissou Avenue Freeway

After the Olympics of 2004, the Kifissou Avenue freeway, now with three to four lanes, will run for 15 km over the river because of lack of space of housing in the Athens area. It will also connect Piraeus, from the northern suburbs and the communities of south suburban Athens from Varkiza to Phaliron. This will decongest Athens' downtown streets.


Construction began in 1995 and with four bridges being torn down for widening. Work has continued for nearly eight years. However, heavy rains and flooding delayed work over the river (first week of August 1997) causing a cement truck to wash away. In 1999, the reconstruction of Treis Gephyres, (the Three Bridges) was being repaired for widening.

In the later phases of construction, the new freeway extended to near Peiraiôs Avenue when heavy rains delayed the construction in mid and late 2002, one in mid-July, and about three in September. Flooding has also occurred. Gates were being put to prevent flooding. This was the year of heavy rains. The freeway over the Kifissos or the Cephissus made it down to the freeway (not far where the river ends) linking the southern suburbs and Athens from Piraeus which is also Poseidonos Avenue for its final phases of widening GR-1. This will end with opening a southern junction near the new Olympic facility. It will open around mid-2004.

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