Periphery: Crete
Prefecture : Lasithi

Prefecture Lasithi

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Lato (gr.: Λατώ) was an ancient city in the Northeast part of the Greek island Crete. It was named after the goddess Leto , the mother of Apollo and Artemis, which in Dorian dialect is called Lato.

Initialy a Minoan settlement existed around 1500 BC. In the 8th century Dorians founded the city of Lato. The existing ruins are from the 5th century BC.

Entrance to the settlement of Lato (Source)

Overview of the Southern part of Lato (Source)

Lato, Click image to enlarge

The Harbour of Lato (Lato Kamara) was in the place of the modern city of Ágios Nikólaos

Minoan Crete Map

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