Laurium or Laurion (Λαύριον, Thoricum before early 1000s BC, Ergastiri throughout the medieval times and the mid to late 1000s, Ergastiri is Greek for Workplace) is a town in southeastern part of Attica, Greece and is one of the southernmost and the seat of the municipality of Laverotiki, famous in Classical antiquity for the silver mines which were one of the chief sources of revenue of the Athenian state, and were employed for coinage. In modern times, the town is also known as Lavrio or Lavrion. It is a sea port of much less importance than nearby Piraeus. Today it is a suburb of Athens.

Latitude: 37°42’N; Longitude: 024°04’E. The Time Zone is Greenwich Mean Time + 2 hours.

It is located about 60 km SE of Athens, SE of Keratea, S of Porto Rafti and Nea Makri and N of Cape Sounio.

Laurium is situated on a bay overlooking the island of Makronisos (ancient times: Helena) in the east. The port is in the middle and gridded streets cover the residential area of Lavrio. GR-91 runs through Lavrio and ends south in Sounio.

Lavrio has schools, lyceums, gymnasia, banks, a post office, and squares (plateia).


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