Lycorea (Lykoria) (Λυκώρεια) "wolves' height", was an ancient city in the today Municipality of Delphi of the Phocis Prefecture STEREA HELLAS (Region) belongs to GREECE (Country)

The town at the foot of Mount Lycorea, which was the southern of the two peaks of Mount Parnassus. According to Greek mythology was the place whither the people of Delphi retreated in Deucalion's flood, guided by the howling of wolves, whence the name.

Pausanias: Book 10:

Now this city, so the story goes on, was flooded by the rains that fell in the time of Deucalion. Such of the inhabitants as were able to escape the storm were led by the howls of wolves to safety on the top of Parnassus, being led on their way by these beasts, and on this account they called the city that they founded Lycoreia (Mountainwolf-city).

Another and different legend is current that Apollo had a son Lycorus by a nymph, Corycia, and that after Lycorus was named the city Lycoreia, and after the nymph the Corycian cave. It is also said that Celaeno was daughter to Hyamus, son of Lycorus, and that Delphus, from whom comes the present name of the city, was a son of Celaeno, daughter of Hyamus, by Apollo

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