Lyctus (Lyctps or Lyttos, Λύκτος, Λύττος). An important town in the east of Crete, situated on a height, eighty stadia from the coast. It is said to have been a Spartan colony.

A town betweeen Prasus and Chersonesus, 10 miles from Libycum mare. Upon its being destroyed by the Gnossians, the inhabitants removed first to Lampe and then to Diatonium.

It is mentioned by Homer in the catalog of ships

Famous spearman Idomeneus led the Cretans
from Cnossus, fortified Gortyn, Lyctus, Miletus,
chalky Lycastus, from Phaestus and Rhytium,
both populous towns, with other warriors
from Crete's hundred cities. Idomeneus,
famous for fighting with a spear, led these troops,
along with Meriones, as skilled at killing men
as Ares, god of war. They brought eighty black ships.

Homer, Iliad.

He did hit Coeranus, Meriones' comrade,
his charioteer, who'd followed him from well-built Lyctus.

Homer, Iliad, book 17

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