Petras is the archaeological site of an ancient Minoan town on northeastern Crete.


Petras is just east of the modern Cretan town, Siteia. The site is situated on top of a small plateau and overlooks the sea north of Crete.


Metaxia Tsipopoulou began excavations at Petras in 1985.

The main building, which was two stories when it stood, is 2800 square meters.

Petras has a drainage system, double staircases, dadoes, frescoes and cut slab pavements. Marks appear on the architecture of double axes, stars, branches, double triangles and Linear A signs. Petras has yielded only one Linear A tablet from its archives so far, but a hieroglyphic archive was excavated in 1995 and 1996.

The central building shares many of the features that are used to identify a Minoan palace apart from a regular building: pier and door partitions, alternating columns and pillars, and ashlar masonry.

Additions and building modifications were occurring as late as Late Minoan IB.


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