Torone (Toroni) was an ancient Greek city located on the Chalcidice peninsula (Sithonia) founded in the 8th h century B. C. by Ionians from Chalcis in Euboea.

The ancient city was named after Torone with Proteus the mother of Telegonus and of Polygonus, both killed by Heracles, whom they had challenged to a contest in wrestling. (Apollod. ii. 5. 9)

In 424 BC Torone supported the Spartans against the Athenians

Torone was conquered by Philip II in 348 BC and by the Romans in 168 BC

The ancient harbour of Toroni is now under water.

The municipality Toroni in Chalkidi is named after Torone.

Battle of Amphipolis, 422 BC

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