Troullos (also Trullos, Godart & Olivier abbreviation: TL) is the archaeological site of an ancient Minoan settlement on Crete. The Troullos site is the eastern-most section of the ancient settlement at Archanes.


Trullos was first excavated by Sir Arthur Evans, later by Spyridon Marinatos and most recently by J. and E. Sakellarakis.

The site was in use from Middle Minoan II until late Minoan I.


Paved courtyards

Middle Minoan II, Middle Minoan III and Late Minoan I multiple-storeyed buildings

Late Minoan I house, including a light-well

Clay-brick partition walls (building internals)

Ashlar walls (building internals)

Wall-paintings on plaster


Among the movable artefacts at Troullos:

Polychrome Kamares ware

Terracotta figurines

Tripod offering tables

Beak-spouted jugs

The Archanes Ladle, a translucent alabaster ladle with Linear A inscriptions labelled TLZa1 by Godart and Olivier - discovered by Evans and believed to be from within Middle Minoan III-Late Minoan IA (A stunning photograph of this piece is available in Sakellarakis' guidebook to Archanes)

Marble pestles

Ritual steatite axe

Stone bird's nest vases

Porphyrite conical rhyton

Two bull's head rhytons


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