Sylva Koscina

Sylva Koscina as Iole from Hercules and Hercules Uncahined

Sylva Koscina (* 22. August 1933 Zagreb; † 26. December 1994 Rome) was a Croatian actress best remembered as Iole, the bride of Hercules (Steve Reeves) in "Hercules" (1957) and "Hercules Unchained" (1959).

Iole (Sylva Koscina) with Hercules (Steve Reeves) from the film Labors of Hercules (in USA knwon as Hercules )

She played in more than 120 movies.Koscina studied physics at the university of Naples.

She played in various historical films such as Struggle for Rome where she was Theodora, the wife of the byzantine emperor Justinian I.

She died in Italy in 1994 of heart ailments.

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