Battle of Tyndaris
Part of the Punic Wars
Date: 257 BC
Location: Tindarys, Sicily
Result: Roman victory
Rome Carthage
Marcus Atilius Regulus Unknown

The Battle of Tyndaris is a naval battle of the First Punic War, which took place off Tyndaris (modern Tindari) in 257 BC. Tyndaris was a Sicilian town founded as a Greek colony in 396 BC located on the high ground overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea in the Gulf of Patti. Hiero II, tyrant of Syracuse, allowed Tyndaris to become a base for the Carthaginians; however, after this battle, which took place in the waters between Tyndaris and the Aeolian Islands, with Marcus Atilius Regulus at the command of the Roman fleet, the town fell to Rome. Hiero II subsequently became a faithful ally of Rome.

This naval engagement was followed by the battle of Cape Ecnomus.

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