200014, Palermo, Mus. Arch. Regionale, 1448

# Vase Number: 200014

Athenian Red-figure, Sub Technique: Bf Cup
Italy, Chiusi
550 to 500 BC

Inscriptions: Signature: [AN]DOK[I]DESE[P]O...

Attributed To: Andokides By Signature
Abnormal Eye-cups By Beazley
Andokides P By Beazley

Decoration: B: Archer with Trumpet Between Eyes
UH: Warriors Fighting
A: Archer, Tree, Between Eyes

Collection Record:

Publication Record: Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum: PALERMO, MUSEO NAZIONALE 1, III.I.C.3, PLS.(658,659) 1.1-2,2.3-5

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