Constantinople / Istanbul

Constantinople1 was the original and most well known name of the modern city of İstanbul in Turkey in its role over more than a millennium as capital, first of the Eastern Roman Empire, subsequently of the Byzantine Empire. The last imperial designation reveals the city's even more ancient Greek name: Byzantium. Constantinople was located strategically between the Golden Horn and the Sea of Marmara at the point where Europe met Asia, and was highly significant as the successor to ancient Rome and the largest and wealthiest city in Europe throughout the Middle Ages.

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    Note 1: Constantinople is derived from the Greek Κωνσταντινούπολη. Other names for the city:

    • Modern Greek name: Κωνσταντινούπολης (Konstantinoupolis; see also List of traditional Greek place names)
    • Roman name: Constantinopolis;
    • Latin name: Cospoli
    • Arabic name: قسطنطينية (Kostantiniyya)
    • Swedish viking name: Miklagård
    • Ottoman Turkish name: Konstantiniyye.
    • Turkish name: Istanbul.
    • Slavonic name: Tsargrad (Царьград).
    • The Vikings called the city Miklagard.

    Note 2: Source for quote: Scriptores originum Constantinopolitanarum, ed T Preger I 105 (see A A Vasiliev, History of the Byzantine Empire, 1952, vol I p 188).

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    Memoirs or Chronicle of the Fourth Crusade and the Conquest of Constantinople Geoffrey deVillehardouin


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    • Byzantium 1200, "Byzantium 1200" is a project aimed at creating computer reconstructions of the Byzantine Monuments located in Istanbul, TURKEY as of year 1200 AD.

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