Galatea, Moreau

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A sensual, naked nymph sits languidly in an exotic grotto, which is fantastically decorated with a profusion of colourful anemones, corals and other mineral flora. She is watched by an eerie, three-eyed monster. This picure is based on a story from Greek mythlogy, telling of the unrequited love the Cyclops, Polyphemus, for the Nereid, Galatea. The technicolor myriads of underwater of underwater blooms, and the softness of the execution, give the painting an magical, dream-like quality. (The Art Book Phaidon Press. p. 325. ISBN 0714836257 )

Gustave Moreau

Orpheus, 1865

Galatea, c. 1880

Jupiter and Semele, c, 1894/5

Apollo and the Muses

Mythology Images