Patrick Tatopoulos

] Tatopoulos has a degree from Art De Paris where he was able to pursue his love of art history. From there, he moved to Rome and Greece where he began selling his illustrations. Eventually, his passion for the entertainment business drew him to the United States and within a short time became a designer for commercials, music video and motion pictures. Tatopoulos is a frequent collaborator with directors Roland Emmerich and ][3]


  • Becoming a special effects artist was not always his goal
  • Patrick is tri-lingual, he speaks French, Greek and English fluently.
  • Met future director Len Wiseman while working on Stargate and then Independence Day.
  • His father's origins are from Macedonia
  • His parents had a clothing store in Paris
  • Owns Tatopoulos Studios, Inc. and Patrick Tatopoulos Designs, Inc.

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