Paris Latsis (Kasidokostas)

Paris Latsis (born 8 August 1979) is a Greek shipping heir, the son of Grigoris Kasidokostas and Marianna Latsis, and grandson of Yiannis "John S." Latsis. When his grandfather died in 2003, his fortune was estimated as the 101st largest in the world.

While US Media reports indicate that Paris himself is one of the worlds richest people, this information is inaccurate, evidenced by the lists. While his uncle, Spiro Latsis, is listed in the lists as controlling the collective John Latsis estate, the bulk of the fortune is Spiro's own. Greek tradition dictates that ones estate is distributed in decending order from the oldest male heir -- which would put Paris low on the list. However, even if the John Latsis estate of $3.3 billion were to be evenly distributed, Paris' inheritence would not be high enough to include him in the Forbes list.

While commonly refered to as Paris Latsis, his inhereted name is Paris Kasidokostas, and according to his father's own statements to the Greek media, his paternal name is indeed his official name.

Paris Latsis and his fiance Paris Hilton(with engagment ring)

In May 2005, it was announced that Paris Latsis was the fiancé of American socialite, Paris Hilton.

As of September 30th 2005, he and fiance Paris Hilton have broken off their engagement.


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