Dean Kalimniou

Dean Kalimniou (a.k.a Konstantinos Kalymnios) (Greek: Κωνσταντίνος Καλυμνιός) is an Australian-born Greek lawyer, writer and journalist.

Dean Kalimniou was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1977. He studied law and arts, majoring in Modern Greek studies.

As spokesperson for the Panepirotic Federation of Australia, he has consistently raised awareness of the plight of the Northern Epirot Greek minority in Southern Albania, travelling to Albania on many occasions to research the plight of the Northern Epirots. As a journalist, Dean Kalimniou has received unprecedented popularity within the Greek commutiy of Australia through his incisive and witty column in the Melbourne Greek newspaper Neos Kosmos (New World) entitled Diatribe, which has been running for 3 years. A collection of the Diatribe articles may be found online at:

Dean Kalimniou is also a well known poet and short story writer. His short stories have won the annual Greek-Australian Cultural League awards ever year since 1998. His two published poetry collections "Kipos Esokleistos" (Garden Enclosed) (2003) and "Alexipyrina" (Flameproof) (2004) are highly regarded both in Greece and Australia. The latter collection was recently awarded the Angelidis Institute Prize.

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